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I am a creative with over ten years experience writing, editing, publishing and producing. I am in-touch, tech-savvy and flexible, working across diverse platforms with colleagues of all backgrounds. My work has been featured at MoMA PS1, NPR, A.I.R Gallery, Brown University, and elsewhere.

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Lehigh University and teach a winter session studio course at RISD. My teaching pedagogy in writing and art focuses on multimodal and collaborative approaches in learning. My research interests include affect, queer, and performance theories and the emergence of art and commodity in an increasingly mediated world.

I work as a freelance creative in copywriting, art styling and film production. I work with a professional network of endless creatives in all fields and no job is impossible! I love working with teams and creating dynamic, powerful groups!

I have an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media from CUNY Brooklyn College and a PhD in Writing from University of Rhode Island.

All inquiries are welcome! Please feel free to get in touch!